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Edditt: Pure, Undiluted, Full Strength Content Management

17 May 2011, 1303hrs

Written by: RW

Last Friday saw the launch of the blog we designed and built for Edditt. Expectations are for the actual product to go on general release within the next four weeks. The blog has gone live in advance because there’s a lot to say on the subject. We’re also working on the marketing site which will incorporate the blog.

Edditt is a content management system unlike any other. We named the product and are developing the marketing strategy.

From a marketing point of view, one of the biggest challenges centres on the term “content management”. That comes with considerable baggage; pre–conceived ideas of what it actually means. Some of the most popular systems, for example, come with pre–determined frameworks that can restrict how the site it manages looks. That makes it more than just a content management system; it’s a front–end system too.

At the same time, the content these systems manage can often be limited and inflexible. So as CMS goes, they’re weak. Edditt, on the other hand, is totally front–end independent; it can manage any site, regardless of how the websites it manages look. In that respect it is “pure content management”. It’s also very flexible, “pliable” as we describe it; it will manage almost any site, regardless of the nature or format of the content.

We’ve also set up a simple holding page in advance of the full marketing site. It’s simple but still presents key messages about Edditt and a clear call to action: follow the blog or sign up for updates.


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