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Hang ‘em high

31 Aug 2011, 1057hrs

Written by: RW

Image of figures

Architects Hall Black Douglas called us in to help them put the finishing touches to the Gorey Civic Centre Library in Wexford, Ireland. The new centre includes office spaces, the district courthouse, community healthcare centre and the library. We were asked to find a way to dress the interior of the library.

Image of figures Image of figures

Image of figures Image of figures

gorey gorey

gorey gorey

A set of characters were developed, inspired by figures from both history and the present day. There’s a viking and blacksmith, a kite flyer and nurse, a fisherman and detective, iPod boy and a chef, a reader (of course) and scientist, a sportsman and soldier. 

The characters have been deployed around the library: frosted vinyl graphics play out stories across large plate glass windows while 160 perspex figures will be suspended from the roof’s central lightbox.


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