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04 Jan 2012, 1137hrs

Written by: RW

26 Treasures image 26 Treasures image

Back in the summer of 2011 we took part in the UK–wide 26 Treasures project. If you missed it or just want a reminder, you can read all about it here. For the Northern Ireland branch, a whole bunch of designers and visual artists were invited to respond to the work of 26 writers. Each “artist” was paired with a particular writer who had to write a “sestude“ in response to an artefact from the Ulster Museum. We got to work with Leontia Flynn who had been asked to write about the Malone Hoard. Our visual piece involved a number of digital on– and off–line processes.

It was great to be involved and the project saw some remarkable written and visual work exhibited at the Ulster Museum between 14th October and 14th November last year.

Following on from the success of the national project, the organisers have proposed an anthology is produced to capture a remarkable group achievement. To be “crowd–funded” through Unbound, the aim is to produce a beautiful hardback book.

Here’s what Project Coordinator Gillian Colhoun has to say:

“26 Treasures has brought together writers, artists and historical treasures in refreshing and innovative ways, so it’s fitting that we’re exploring an innovative publishing route for our 26 Treasures book. We are excited to be working with Unbound – an award–winning new way of bringing readers and authors together. 

“Authors pitch their ideas on the Unbound site, and readers pledge their support to make the book happen. For the 26 Treasures book, readers can pledge £10 to receive a digital edition and £18 for a hardback, or enjoy a museum tour or writing workshop in exchange for larger pledges. Terry Jones and Mrs Stephen Fry have successfully ‘crowd–funded’ their new books through Unbound. It would be a wonderful achievement to have 26 Treasures the next success story by people pledging their support.”

We think this is a pretty exciting development and would really appreciate your support. Please pledge here.


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